Shining a Light on DCM: Our Summer Fundraising Event

Summer is here at last! And with it comes our brand new Summer Fundraiser. Throughout July and August, we will be working with our amazing DCM community to boost awareness of this important condition, raise funds so we can continue to support you, and most importantly have fun!

Looking to our DCM Champions!

For the first time in history, we are looking to launch a campaign that puts the DCM community right at the heart of our fundraising activities! We are looking to anyone and everyone in our community to get involved. Whether you are someone with DCM, a friend or family member, or one of our dedicated researchers, we want you to get out there and get fundraising!

In particular, we want to hear from those of you currently living with DCM. We believe that, through highlighting each of your individual journeys with DCM – the challenges and the stories of hope – we can get the word out there about how it can impact our lives and inspire people to give what they can. And this is the crux of our fundraiser; our DCM community sharing their inspiring stories, via social media, to raise both funds and awareness of this condition.

For everyone else, there is so much you can be doing! Depending on what you’re able to, you could participate in a charity bake sale, a sponsored fun run, or get your friends together for an evening of bingo. Get your creative juices flowing!

Our DCM Fundraising Goal

Over the next two months, we have set ourselves the goal of raising £20,000, all through your hard work and collaboration – no small feat! And, as a team of volunteers, we pledge to invest every penny we raise back into our community, so we can continue our support far into the future.

This money is essential to carrying out our work in the DCM community. Whether it be through our ongoing ventures in the research community, boosting awareness of DCM amongst physicians and the general public, or continuing our one-of-a-kind support group, fundraising is key to our success!

Get Involved Now!

Getting involved is simple!

If you would like to participate in our campaign, please register your interest. This will allow us to provide you with further support and information as we approach our fundraiser launch.

Please download our Summer Fundraiser Brochure, which gives a more detailed outline of how you can participate in our Summer Fundraiser. This document provides a more in-depth background to our fundraiser, and gives step-by-step instructions on everything you need to do ahead of launch.

Finally, please also download our Setting Up Your Fundraiser Guide, which outlines how to create a fundraising page online, either through JustGiving or Facebook Fundraising. This will act as the main point where you can receive donations.

If you have any questions or need any support with this fundraiser – please email us at 

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we can build a life free of pain and fear through research, awareness, and support.

Let’s shine a light on DCM this summer!

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