The RECODE-DCM think tank is forging ahead with multiple research initiatives. Our Steering Committee was brought together in October 2022 to strategise and guide this scientific expansion. We are very grateful to this team of experts, with both lived experience and professional experience of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM), who have risen to the challenge of resolving key scientific and clinical problems. 
We are forever grateful to the AO Spine Knowledge Forum Spinal Cord Injury for establishing the RECODE-DCM initiative. This multidisciplinary, collaborative project would not have been possible without their expert guidance, financial support and management. We particularly thank their senior project manager, Olesja Hazenbiller, who remains a much-valued mentor to our executive team. We have so much more to achieve together.

RECODE-DCM Steering Committee

David Anderson, physiotherapist, Australia
Tammy Blizzard, person with DCM, USA
Tim Boerger, person with DCM, USA
Chad Cook, physiotherapist, USA
Sheila Dugan, person with DCM, USA
Michael Fehlings, neurosurgeon, Canada
Julio Furlan, neurologist, Canada
James Guest, neurosurgeon, USA
Manabu Ito, orthopaedic surgeon, Japan
Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan, physiotherapist, Canada
Mark Kotter, neurosurgeon and co-founder of, UK
Abdul Lalkhen, pain specialist, UK
Anna MacDowall, orthopaedic surgeon, Sweden
Allan Martin, neurosurgeon, USA
Esther Martin-Moore, person with DCM, UK
James Milligan, family doctor, USA
Aria Nouri, neurosurgeon, Switzerland
Iwan Sadler, person with DCM and co-founder of, UK
Lindsay Tetreault, neurologist, USA
Caroline Treanor, physiotherapist, UK
Luiz Vialle, orthopaedic surgeon, Brazil
Lianne Wood, physiotherapist, UK
Carl Zipser, neurologist, Switzerland

Executive Team

Ben Davies, surgeon-scientist and co-founder of, UK
Olesja Hazenbiller, mentor and senior project manager, AO Spine, Switzerland
Liz Roberts, RECODE-DCM project manager,, UK
Irina Sangeorzan, SHARED-DCM project manager,, UK
Helen Wood, Chair of the Board of Trustees,, UK
Working together, our RECODE-DCM Steering Committee is determined to create a brighter future for all those living and working with DCM. Look out for our interview blogs, to discover more about them.
If you would like to join the RECODE-DCM network, please sign up here. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email