Welcome, I’m Iwan Sadler. I am a person with myelopathy and started the Support Group on Facebook in 2015. I joined forces with Dr Benjamin Davies and Dr Mark Kotter to co-found the charity, which launched in 2019. I am not a medical professional, simply someone diagnosed with a condition that can be debilitating and relentless. 

The Support Group on Facebook is a community of people living with Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM), run by people with myelopathy. We understand that being diagnosed with DCM is life-changing. We understand that it can be an isolating and lonely condition that can leave you feeling on the periphery of life. 

Talking to others can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Sometimes you might experience feelings or symptoms that may seem too strange or too difficult to share with family and friends, and that’s when you can come to us at the Support Group.

If you have recently been diagnosed with DCM, our Support Group can play an important role by helping you through the process of coming to terms with the condition and how best to manage it. As a member of the Support Group, you will have the opportunity to discuss the various symptoms of DCM, and also discuss important topics, such as how to prepare for surgery and what to expect pre-operatively and post-operatively.

Our international group is a place where you can freely and openly talk about your journey with DCM. This is a place to feel comfortable asking questions of peers. A place to listen to others discuss their experiences and stories. It is a place to ask questions, and, most importantly, a place to give you the help and support you need during your most difficult times. It will give you the chance to share information about your experience and help other members along on their journey.

Being part of the support group can also provide insights into how to cope, as well as provide practical tips on managing the basic activities of daily living. Exchanging thoughts and ideas with fellow members who have the experience of living with myelopathy will help you understand your condition a lot more and support you through tougher times.

Our community can also help your families, friends, and caregivers to understand how DCM can affect your daily life, so they will be better placed to help you find important information and learn from the experiences of others in the same position.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Our aim is to make you feel welcomed, support you in your journey, give you a sense of belonging, and help you feel more understood and less alone.

Please join Support Group on Facebook.

Help us raise awareness of DCM! We have produced a postcard (one-sided or double-sided) for all healthcare professionals who treat DCM to direct their patients to our support groups. Please ask your doctors to hand out our postcard in their clinic. By making their patients aware of, we can give them the helping hand they need.

And don’t forget to tell your doctors, friends and family about our website.