Hi! My name is Esther, and I am a volunteer with Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) who organises the Virtual Coffee Breaks via the Support Group on Facebook.

The Virtual Coffee breaks all started when the world went into lockdown. In January 2022, I asked the charity if there was any way of doing meetings virtually as everyone else was going back to “normal” life and I was feeling even more isolated. The charity thought this was a great idea and allowed me moderate the Virtual Coffee Breaks.

And so it began, The Virtual Coffee Breaks! We even have our very own coffee mug merchandise, that can be ordered in the store of this website. All proceeds from store go directly to the charity. So any amount helps!

The Support Group offers a Virtual Coffee Break three times a month. This is a great way for people with DCM to seek support and advice. We have Virtual Coffee Breaks at different times of the day to make sure people with DCM around the world can join in. As the coffee breaks are virtual, this is a fantastic way to meet new people who live and experience myelopathy on a daily basis. We talk about people’s concerns, troubles, but also offer fantastic support. You always leave with a smile on your face.

Having DCM can make your world a very lonely place, but if you come and join in with the Virtual Coffee Breaks, I can guarantee you will not feel lonely anymore.

To take part in our Virtual Coffee Breaks you must fill in this form and we will then send you a Google Meet link.

My husband Kevin, who’s helping to run the Caregivers Support Group, will soon start Virtual Coffee Breaks for that group. Stay tuned!

I look forward to seeing you there soon.