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Cambridge Half Marathon 2024

people getting ready to run

This year, once again, has taken part in the TTP Cambridge Half Marathon, with participants including co-founder Dr Mark Kotter, and one of our regular supporters Dr Johann Graggaber running to raise funds and awareness! The marathon takes runners through…

Interview with Helen MacBain

We’re excited to introduce you to Helen MacBain. She is currently working on creating an online video yoga series for the DCM community. In the next few weeks, she will commence hosting regular accessible sessions. Be sure to join our…

Interview with Brett Seagrave

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?      I’m a 46-year-old Executive Head Chef. I currently live with my partner, Danielle (Danni), in Lincoln UK. I am currently training to run the Lincoln City Half Marathon on 18th September 2022.…

Hydrotherapy brings green shoots of recovery to exercise desert.

Delphine Houlton By Delphine HoultonOn completion of my first ACDF, the surgeon immediately informed my anxious husband that I would never ride a bike again.That was in 2007 and, to be fair, I have not taken to the saddle since.  After initial improvements, unfortunately many Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) symptoms returned. Fusion had not taken place and the discs had slipped slightly.On discharge from my second ACDF in 2008, with discs caged and this time a soft collar for six wee [...]