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Myelopathy.org is the first global scientific and clinical charity dedicated to positively transforming patient outcomes in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM).

We are dedicated to improving the outlook for people with DCM around the world, through scientific and clinical research, education, and collaboration with patients and the wider myelopathy community. Our community includes people with lived experience of the disease, the people who care for them, and the health professionals who treat them. We have a very active Support Group on Facebook, for people with DCM, run by people with DCM.

Our mission is to raise the awareness of DCM globally. You can help us to measure our impact by providing your details. Sign up to hear news relevant to the whole DCM community.

Together we will create a world where people live their lives free of the pain, terror and isolation of DCM with immediate diagnosis, timely treatment, and wrap-around patient-centred support.

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Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) is an under-recognised, progressive and disabling condition. It is caused by wear and tear of the spine in the neck, which results in compression and injury to the spinal cord. This has severe consequences throughout the body. As the world’s population is getting older, incidence is increasing. Currently, approximately 2% of adults are affected. 

Donate now to transform the lives of millions of people living with the daily challenge of pain, disability and isolation. Invest in a future free of ignorance and pain for the global DCM community through new treatments, quicker diagnosis and wrap-around support.

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