What can YOU DO to help us raise valuable funds for people with Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM)? Find the right way to fundraise for you and for us.

Fundraise Pack

Did you know that people with DCM often have trouble properly using their hands? Everyday tasks like opening a bottle are impossible, so why not fundraise for us by doing a sensory challenge that celebrates and appreciates the ability to touch and feel with your hands? 

There are lots of ways you can do this, including ways where you keep COVID-safe, without leaving your home. For ideas and inspiration, download our free fundraising pack

Set up a JustGiving page and link it to the charity. Alternatively, donate directly to

Organised Events

Get your friends and family to put their running shoes on, get fit, and raise money for A walk, park run, a marathon, or anything at all that you fancy! 

March 4 Myelopathy

“Not long after I was diagnosed with DCM, I I decided to raise money for by challenging myself to walk 1000 miles.” Janet not only raised valuable funds but also raised awareness of DCM amongst friends and family.  An added bonus was that Janet found that the walking helped with some of her DCM symptoms. “The more I walked, the more I wanted to walk. I really got enthused by it. I went out every day.”

Follow in Our Co-founder Mark’s Footsteps!

Our co-founder, Dr Mark Kotter ran the Cambridge Half-Marathon in October 2021 passing several famous landmarks such as the Round Church, Kings College, the Fitzwilliam Museum and along The Backs. Together with colleagues from his start-up company, they raised an amazing £13,000 for 

Try a Triathlon?

In June 2021, Emyr Davies bravely took on the Wales Triathlon, racing for in the beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales, UK. 

Swimming in Fishguard Bay, cycling through rolling hills via Britain’s smallest city, St Davids. And finally, running up St David’s breakwater.

Emyr raised a whopping £520! THANK YOU to everyone who supported Emyr.

Play to Your Strength

Frank Dutton was inspired to raise both awareness and funds for having been the recipient of much needed support by the Support Group. Frank organised a “lucky numbers” game at his local football club and raised much needed funds for Frank also made the fundraiser an awareness event by laying out photographs of his CT scans as a visual aid to explain the condition to everyone at the club. “It was very interesting to see how people reacted to the photographs and the information about DCM,” says Frank. Make it personal. Tell your own story so that people can understand more about your experiences and your reasons for fundraising. Sometimes having a personal touch can elicit donations.

Corporate Fundraising

We don’t currently have a corporate fundraising partner, being such a young and small charity. Could you be the first? Get in touch with us if you are interested.

Paying in Your Fundraising Money

There are many ways you can send money raised from your event to
Through JustGiving – an easy and simple way to raise money that will get sent to the charity automatically.
Make an online donation. You can also ask your supporters to donate money via this route.
Post a cheque – you can send a cheque made payable to to: C/O Lakin Rose, Pioneer House, Vision Park, Cambridge, CB24 9NL
Cash donations – it is not safe to send cash in the post. If you receive cash donations, then please pay the cash into your bank account and make your donation to or send a cheque.
If you require a receipt for your donation, please email us.

Cover Your Costs

If you are organising an event or activity that has costs involved, then it makes sense to reduce them as much as possible by:
Asking your employer or local businesses to sponsor the event.
Asking a company if they would hire out their premises for free or at a reduced rate.
Asking local shops or restaurants to provide vouchers or gifts as prizes for a raffle.
Let us know if you need a ‘Permission to Fundraise’ letter as proof that you are fundraising for

Fundraising and the Law

Learn more about Fundraising and the Law.