The goal of this award is to stimulate high-quality research focussing on the questions that matter most to people with Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM). The winner will receive £200 prize money and promotion of their research via our website, social media, blog and Myelopathy Matters Podcast Series. We are very excited about the potential of this initiative to improve the quality and rigour of research into DCM.
The prize will be awarded for best piece of research aligned with a RECODE-DCM Top 10 Research Priority:
  1. Raising Awareness of DCM
  2. Natural History
  3. Diagnostic Criteria
  4. Assessment and Monitoring
  5. Biological Basis
  6. Perioperative Rehabilitation
  7. Novel Therapies
  8. Socio-Economic Impact
  9. Imaging and Electrophysiology
  10. Individualising Surgery

Submissions and Judging 

Submissions are restricted to primary clinical studies or systematic reviews/meta analyses, unpublished or published during the year of the award.
Submissions will be anonymised before judging. The judges will be selected from our scientific advisory committee and trustee board. Individuals must have no vested interest in the award submissions of that year. At least one judge will be a trustee of, and at least one judge will be a person with DCM. There will be at least three judges in total. Please see our Submission Guidelines.

Scoring Grid

DCM research award scoring grid

Annual Award Dates

Opening for submission of entries: 1 March
Deadline for submission of entries: 1 November
Announcement of the winner: 31 December