Our Aims

The society aims to improve the lives of those living with myelopathy through activities including research, patient support groups and educational material.

Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) is a devastating syndrome that leaves patients with lifelong disabilities including difficulties with fine hand movements, problems with walking, bladder and bowel control. Myelopathy patients have been found to have one of the worst qualities of life of any disease.

The student society has been formed in recognition of the poor knowledge of DCM among medical students and non-specialist doctors. This lack of knowledge contributes to slow diagnoses of cervical myelopathy and worse outcomes for patients. We aim to raise awareness and improve education around myelopathy, in order to help tomorrow’s doctors recognise key signs earlier.


The Student Society has worked with a team of doctors and medical students from across the UK to conduct a national study assessing medical student teaching on and knowledge of degenerative cervical myelopathy. We received almost 1,500 survey responses and the work has yielded two manuscripts, one published and one in press.

We hope to continue this work in the year ahead, next investigating the knowledge of DCM amongst general practitioners. Medical Student Prizes

Our two annual national medical student prizes are open to all students studying medicine at a university in the United Kingdom. Both prizes will be judged by the trustees of 

Winners and runners up will be presented with an official certificate for their portfolios in addition to the prizes listed below. Essay Prize

1. Discuss how bioelectronics may influence the future of neurosurgery.
2. Does medical school prepare students to become neurosurgeons?
3. To what extent is DCM a primary care problem? Discuss the medical, surgical and psychosocial factors that justify your answer.

1st Prize: Two ebooks, “Idea of the Brain” and “Oxford Handbook of Neurology” (Sponsored By: Doctors Academy) and a 12-month subscription to Pastest (Sponsored By: Pastest)

2nd Prize: 12-month subscription to Pastest (Sponsored By: Pastest)

3rd Prize: 12-month subscription to Pastest (Sponsored By: Pastest)

All entries must be submitted to by 30 June 2023. Research Prize

Our research prize is awarded annually to the student who submits the best neurosurgical research abstract. Students should specify their role and the role of any co-authors when submitting their abstract. Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words in length.   
President: Amir Rafati Fard
Secretary: Froher Yasin 
Treasurer: Santosh Guru
Publicity Officer: Hannah Lin
Fundraising Officer: Melissa Yuan
Foundation Doctor Representatives: Jamie Brannigan and Remi Rufus-Toye

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