What strategies can increase awareness and understanding of DCM amongst healthcare professionals and the public? Can these strategies help improve timely diagnosis and management of DCM? [1]
This top-ranked research priority is the clear mandate of Myelopathy.org. The charity was founded to raise awareness of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) among medical professionals and the general public, and to elevate it as an urgent healthcare priority. By providing a greater level of general awareness, we will reduce time to diagnosis, which will vastly improve clinical outcomes in DCM. Myelopathy.org aims to promote the global recognition of DCM as the world’s most common spinal cord injury in adults with devastating but largely preventable consequences.
Charity’s Launch Event in May 2019
A Lack of Awareness Contributes to a Relative Lack of Research Funding and Research Activity

How Is Myelopathy.org and RECODE-DCM Working to Address this Priority?

We have created the RECODE-DCM ‘Think Tank’, bringing together professionals of all backgrounds from around the world. The aim is to help our community generate the knowledge we need, and ensure it gets into the clinic as fast as possible. Read more about RECODE-DCM.

Learn More about Research Priority 1 on the Myelopathy Matters Podcast

In 2020, AO Spine took over the Myelopathy Matters podcast to tackle the Top 10 Research Priorities for DCM. In this episode, Dr Benjamin Davies and Dr Michelle Starkey talk with Dr Michael Fehlings, Tammy Blizzard, Dr James Milligan and Dr Mark Kotter about raising awareness. Why is it so difficult even if we are talking about the commonest cause of adult spinal cord impairment? And how can we get the word out there to the medical community and the general public?
Listen to Podcast Episode: AO Spine Research Top 10 – No. 1 – Raising Awareness