MoveMed Mobile Phone App Introduction

Remote Monitoring and Triage of DCM Using a Mobile Phone?

We are delighted to share a concept called MoveMed, which has been in development for a few years.

Dr Benjamin Davies and his co-developer, Alvaro Yanez, are working hard to bring this into the clinic with the recent launch of two clinical trials, and two more in setup. Anyone with a neurological condition is invited to put the app through its paces, using our online testing study: EMPOWER.

MoveMed is an application for mobile phones that we have developed at the University of Cambridge. It empowers patients to objectively monitor their own neurological conditions through interactive tasks and background monitoring, providing a more detailed and frequent assessment that can be shared with their healthcare professionals.

The EMPOWER study is looking for people with a neurological diagnosis to test and help improve our mobile app.

Can you help?

What Does MoveMed Measure?

MoveMed focuses on dexterity, arm strength and stability, including tremor, balance and gait. It therefore targets diseases where physical movement is a critical part of the phenotype, from Multiple Sclerosis and Myasthenia Gravis, to Myelopathy and Peripheral Neuropathy, to Arthritis.

We described in more detail the origin and ambitions for MoveMed in a Myelopathy Matters PodCast episode: Mobile monitoring of myelopathy with MoveMed.

What Does MoveMed Want from You?

To register for the study visit

Here you will receive an overview of the study, and have an opportunity to ask questions before consenting to participate. The mobile application is then downloaded from the respective Apple or Android App stores.

The performance of the mobile application is compared to the current standards (short questionnaires) sent to you by email at the beginning and again at 6 and 12 weeks. The mobile tests take approximately 5 minutes to complete. You will be prompted to complete them at least weekly, but can complete them more frequently if desired.

Interested in helping? Just reply to

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