October 16th marks World Spine Day, which aims to highlight the burden of spine pain, which is the biggest single cause of disability globally. 

Celebrated all over the world, it draws attention to an estimated one billion people who suffer from spine pain. Myelopathy.org is committed to helping people live a life free of the terror and isolation that the pain from Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) can cause, through patient support, global awareness and worldwide research. 

The team had its first annual Strategy Day, held 10th September to set out goals and plans for the upcoming year. It was an opportunity for team-building as well, as several people from the team have never met, as we work remotely to keep costs low. The day was a big success, and we are excited to continue to put you, our beneficiaries, at the centre of all that we do, and create a better world for it. 

Myelopathy.org supporters Brett and Danni ran the Lincoln Half Marathon on 18th September and raised a whooping £1103 for us! Brett has DCM and he and Danni trained for four months for the event. We are incredibly grateful for their efforts and support!