Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new and completely updated Myelopathy.org website which we are launching today. Thank you for your patience whilst we have been working hard in the background to achieve this particular goal. It’s been an exciting year for Myelopathy.org and we look forward to the future with renewed optimism following the long two years of pandemic restrictions.

Myelopathy.org Milestones

In the past year Myelopathy.org has been the recipient of its first two grants:

1) Reaching Communities (part of the National Lottery) and

2) Evelyn Trust in Cambridge UK.  These have enabled us to employ our first staff member (our wonderful Director Zahabiya Karimi) and to launch our research project DCM COINS.  

Each of these mark a significant milestone for Myelopathy.org and it has enabled our superb volunteer team to concentrate on the huge task that has been the update of our website.  We want to say THANK YOU to this incredible team of volunteers for your time and skills in making today happen.  

Help from Volunteers

We want to particularly express our sincere thanks to two of our volunteers:

1) Mu Digital, for helping us with the web design and development of our new website and

2) Andrea Malaskova for her amazing illustration skills that you see in the Who We Are page. 

New web design and sections

We hope you like the new look of the website and logo. We have stayed faithful to the original colour scheme but have given everything a good spring clean. 

We believe you will find the website easier to navigate.

We have also added some completely new sections. For example, the whole new section for healthcare professionals is one particular highlight. 

Weekly updates

We are planning to add a new blog post weekly so look out for lots of new items from interviews with our amazing volunteers, updates from our Support Group to research into DCM. 

Please do let us know what you think of the new website and if you have any suggestions for additional content. You can post a comment below or email us.

Websites need to be continually updated to remain relevant and useful so any input from YOU, our beneficiaries, will always be welcomed. 

Happy browsing! 

With very best wishes,
Helen Wood 
Chair of the Board of Trustees