The Myelopathy.org Support Group on Facebook was created in December 2015 by Iwan Sadler. It was started due to the feedback from and the success of the Myelopathy.org Facebook Page. The people living with DCM needed a private platform so that they could openly talk about their issues; the Myelopathy.org Facebook Page was not the correct platform to provide that.
It is a private Facebook Group.
It is run by volunteers from the DCM community. Please contact Iwan if you are interested to help out!
The group members consist of primary stakeholders. This includes people living with DCM, people waiting for a possible diagnosis of DCM, and the carers of people with DCM. Membership is international.
Membership requires the applicant to answer two questions. The admins/moderators will review the answers and membership request is accepted or denied accordingly.
The Support Group has certain rules created by the Admins that all members need to follow.