Mentorship Feature

The Support Group also has a peer-to-peer mentorship feature. This tool is a way for people seeking support and advice to be connected to people who live and experience myelopathy on a daily basis. Members can browse and choose their own mentorship partner based on that person’s specific interests. These will be listed when members in the group (people with myelopathy) sign up to participate. They can reach out directly to the partner of interest with the request and communicate with them one-on-one in Messenger with helpful prompts to guide them.

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What Do Our Group Members Think?

“I think mentorship really helps as I thought I was only one experiencing some of these things myself. Doctors never explain or care too much. They never experience themselves or have not experienced patients with similar symptoms.”

Michael Wong
“I very much enjoyed speaking with my mentor. It helps to know someone else is unfortunately going through the same thing. Some more, some less but all in the dark and knowing there is possibly a light there.”

Carolyn Nolan-Dombrosky