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Welcome, I’m Iwan Sadler, a fellow sufferer of Myelopathy, who started the Myelopathy Support group on Facebook in 2015. I am not a medical professional, simply someone diagnosed with a condition that is debilitating and relentless. Unfortunately, it is not widely understood by many medical practitioners, specialists, or allied health professionals.

At Myelopathy Ssupport we understand that being diagnosed with Myelopathy is life changing. We understand that Myelopathy is an isolating and lonely condition. , You may feel as if you are on the periphery of life. Talking to others will help reduce feeling of anxiety and depression. Sometimes you might experience feelings or symptoms that may seem too strange or too difficult to share with family and friends and that’s when you can come to us. If you, or someone in your family, has been diagnosed with Myelopathy , we welcome you.

Iwan Sadler – Myelopathy Support

Iwan sadler - Myelopathy Support
Iwan Sadler - Myelopathy Support

We want to support you in your journey. Join our Facebook Support Group: A group for patients, by patients.

“This group has been a lifeline for me. ​I’ve now had surgery and honestly ​I couldn’t have gone through things without the brilliant support from this group”​

​Andrea Henderson Smith UK

“The support group has saved my sanity. It’s been a lifesaver, a sense of belonging, comradery, with knowledgeable information and support”

Margot Miller USA

​”We are on a different journey but on the same path due to the support group it really has helped me in so many ways”

​Jillian Polasik UK

Help us raise awareness of Cervical Myelopathy!

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