Continuing to Ignite Conversations on the Myelopathy Matters Podcast

Welcome to the New Year and a new thrilling season of our Myelopathy Matters podcast! Dive into Season Five, Episode One now available.

Our debut podcast in December 2019 showcased Michelle, our former Director, and Ben, our dedicated podcast host. Supported by AO Spine, it originated around’s RECODE-DCM initiative, focused on the Top Ten Research Priorities, generating unique talking points not found elsewhere. To our knowledge, we remain the sole Myelopathy podcast.

My initial experience as a guest revealed my nervousness in sharing my Myelopathy journey from diagnosis to treatment. When Ben proposed I join him as a podcast host following Michelle’s departure, I hesitated, recognizing the high standard set. Ben, a seasoned pro with numerous podcasts, possesses a calming tone that could even find a place in children’s storytelling if he ever pursued a career change.

Since the podcast’s inception, we’ve received great feedback and fan emails, and had fantastic guests. Some episodes have reached over 2400 listeners. It would be great if we could have these numbers on every episode and extend our reach globally. Don’t forget to explore our YouTube channel, where subtitles are available for those whose first language isn’t English.

Season five and beyond are on the horizon, but we need your input! We’re reaching out to the DCM community and health professionals to hear what topics they want covered and inviting anyone interested to be part of an episode. Get in touch with Ben, and let’s continue making Myelopathy Matter!

As long as there’s demand, we’ll keep recording, ensuring Myelopathy Matters remains a vital and accessible resource around the world.

Best Wishes,