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DCM Education Survey Results

In recent years, the Student Society conducted a national education survey to assess Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) education received by our future doctors in medical school. This was inspired by the top research priority identified by RECODE-DCM: raising awareness.… Inspires Prize-Winning Research is receiving entries for its inaugural research award for best piece of research aligned with a RECODE-DCM Top 10 Research Priority: Raising Awareness of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) Natural History Diagnostic Criteria Assessment and Monitoring Biological Basis Peri-Operative Rehabilitation Novel…

Does Age Play a Role in DCM?

Hey, Jamie here! I’m a medical student in my 5th year at Cambridge University and the new President of the Student Society.  I’ve personally been involved in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) research for over a year, and I have assembled a committee of…

Myelopathy Increases Inflammation¹

Why was this study conducted? Edited by BM Davies Previous research¹ has demonstrated that patients with cervical myelopathy undergo an immune response. Additionally, proinflammatory proteins, called cytokines, are more present in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with cervical myelopathy and low…

A new way to detect myelopathy?

Edited by B. Davies WHO: Researchers at the University of Southern California have conducted some exciting new myelopathy research WHAT: The researchers have developed and validated a screening test for myelopathy WHY: In medicine there are 2 types of tests:…

Investigating exercise after anterior cervical discectomy: what should we advise?

My name is Dr Teena Fernandez. I am a GP in North Wales currently undertaking research as part of my Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Nottingham University. During my studies my husband sustained a cervical spine injury resulting in a 2 level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and we found little advice or evidence on returning to sport following such surgery. Can you help researchers from the University of Nottingham? Find Out More We did not know if he could go [...]

Headaches more common in CSM

​Cervical spondylosis, more than a pain in the neck? by J.Hamilton For some migraines is just another word for headache, but in medicine it refers to a specific type of headache characterised by severe head pain that can last from 2-72 hours, are a common disorder and can be incapacitating to people who suffer them. Migraines are common, with estimates suggesting up to one billion people are affected worldwide. Various tri [...]

Addressing recent concerns about and affiliated surveys

A message from the director ​Concerns have recently been raised with regards the legitimacy of the Health Surveys hosted by and I would like to address these directly.  As you are only too aware, Myelopathy is a condition which faces a number of significant challenges including lifelong disability, widespread misunderstanding and under-recognition, and a lack of clear information or support. was founded to address these issues and become a ra [...]