Congratulations to the 2022 Winner

Alexa Desimone, James Hong, Sydney T. Brockie, Wenru Yu, Alex M. Laliberte and Michael G. Fehlings: The influence of ApoE4 on the clinical outcomes and pathophysiology of degenerative cervical myelopathy
– Aligns with Research Priority 5: Biological Basis

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We thank all those who entered the contest in its inaugural year:
Nitin Agarwal, Giorgos D Michalopoulos, Vijay Letchuman, Andrew K Chan, Saman Shabani, Raj Swaroop Lavadi, Daniel C Lu, Michael Y Wang, Regis W Haid, John J Knightly, Brandon A Sherrod, Oren N Gottfried, Khoi D Than, Christopher I Shaffrey, Jacob L Goldberg, Michael S Virk, Ibrahim Hussain, Steven D Glassman, Mark E Shaffrey, Paul Park, Kevin T Foley, Brenton Pennicooke, Domagoj Coric, Jonathan R Slotkin, Cheerag Upadhyaya, Eric A Potts, Luis M Tumialan, Kai-Ming G Fu, Anthony L Asher, Erica F Bisson, Dean Chou, Mohamad Bydon, Praveen V Mummaneni: Impact of Educational Background on Preoperative Disease Severity and Postoperative Outcomes among Patients with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
– Aligns with Research Priority 8: Socio-Economic Impact
Michael G Fehlings, Jetan H Badhiwala, Henry Ahn, H Francis Farhadi, Christopher I Shaffrey, Ahmad Nassr, Praveen Mummaneni, Paul M Arnold, W Bradley Jacobs, K Daniel Riew, Michael Kelly, Darrel S Brodke, Alexander R Vaccaro, Alan S Hilibrand, Jason Wilson, James S Harrop, S Tim Yoon, Kee D Kim, Daryl R Fourney, Carlo Santaguida, Eric M Massicotte, Branko Kopjar: Safety and efficacy of riluzole in patients undergoing decompressive surgery for degenerative cervical myelopathy (CSM-Protect): a multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, phase 3 trial
– Aligns with Research Priority 7: Novel Therapies
Ben Grodzinski, Daniel J Stubbs and Benjamin M Davies: Most degenerative cervical myelopathy remains undiagnosed, particularly amongst the elderly: modelling the prevalence of degenerative cervical myelopathy in the United Kingdom
– Aligns with Research Priority 1: Raising Awareness
Catarina Nogueira, Carolina Lemos, Oliver Mowforth, Benjamin Davies and Ricardo Rodrigues-Pinto: Awareness of degenerative cervical myelopathy in the primary care setting in Portugal: results of a survey
– Aligns with Research Priority 1: Raising Awareness
Visagan Ravindran, Zina Ibrahim and David Bell: Predictors of surgical outcome in cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) in the United Kingdom: data from the British Spine Registry (BSR)
– Aligns with Research Priority 4: Assessment and Monitoring
Ayush Sharma and Nandan Marathe: Prospective randomized control pilot study to compare the role of injection Cerebrolysin in operated cases of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy
– Aligns with Research Priority 7: Novel Therapies
Ayush Sharma and Nandan Marathe: Does elevated Mean-Arterial Pressure lead to better outcomes in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy? A prospective, pilot randomized control trial
– Aligns with Research Priorities 1 and 10: Raising Awareness and Individualizing Surgery
Zhilin Jiang, Benjamin Davies, Carl Zipser, Konstantinos Margetis, Allan Martin, Stavros Matsoukas, Mohammadzada Freschta, Kheram Najmeh, Andrea Boraschi, Elina Zakin, Oke Righteous Obadaseraye, Michael G. Fehlings, Jamie Wilson, Ratko Yurac, Chad E Cook and Lindsay Tetreault: The Value of Clinical Tests in the Diagnosis of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy: Results of a Systematic Review
– Aligns with Research Priority 3: Diagnostic Criteria
Kangheng Wang, Rong Li, Guang-Sheng Li, Kwok Fai So, Yong Hu and Kenny Yat Hong Kwan: Effect of lycium barbarum polysaccharide on functional recovery after decompression in a preclinical rat model of degenerative cervical myelopathy
– Aligns with Research Priority 7: Novel Therapies