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Choosing Your Surgeon

Choosing your surgeon

Like anything in life, no two things are the same. Doing your research can help to ensure you find the best expert in the best place for you.

Surgery team

Top Tips

  • Is the surgeon an expert in their area?
    • Not all orthopaedic or neurosurgeons perform operations for this condition and some more than others. Experience is important.
  • Is the surgeon recommended?
    • Word of mouth is often the best guide; ask friends, family or perhaps your GP. NHS Choices now publishes crude outcome data for every surgeon in the country, which can be helpful.
  • Where does the surgeon work?
    • Travelling to and from the hospital will be required for appointments, investigations and attending surgery (Remember your visitors as well). Sometimes a surgeon will work from more than one hospital.
  • What do you think of their hospital?
    • Although you will be under the care of a neurosurgeon, they will be reliant on the services provided by their centre. Different hospitals have different facilities.

What to expect when you see a surgeon for CSM

Spine surgeons typically are certified in either neurosurgery or orthopaedic surgery. Increasingly, surgeons operating on CSM patients have undergone sub-specialist training in spinal surgery.

A surgeon dealing with cervical myelopathy is a highly specialized doctor. In most cases you will only be referred to a surgeon when the diagnosis has been established.

However, many questions with respect to the optimal treatment still remain unknown. needs YOUR help and support to address these.