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The Trustees

Dr Mark Kotter

Mark is an academic Spine and Neurosurgeon at The University of Cambridge. He founded with Ben Davies. His ambition is to advance the way CSM is treated based on a better understanding of the course of CSM, and by identifying the best care for patients. His translational research investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying CSM in order to develop novel therapies. @KotterLab

Lady Julia Carter

Julia is a retired teacher and academic whose myelopathy was diagnosed about two years ago. She is fortunate to have only mild symptoms so far and enough energy to be able to enjoy walking her dog and looking after her four grandchildren. She lives in London with her husband who is a member of the House of Lords.

Weslie Janeway

Weslie, is an author, investor and scientist, with her particular interest being in genetics. Originally from Rhode Island, New England, Weslie now lives between New York and Cambridge with her husband, an economist, studying genetics in both places. In addition this Weslie has decided to focus her considerable energy into

Dr Johann Gragabber

Johann lives and works in Cambridge where he is a consultant physician specialising in acute internal medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital. In addition to his other commitments he is more than happy be a trustee of a charity helping to advance the understanding and treatment of this under-recognized condition.