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The Science of CSM

What is Cervical (Spondylotic) Myelopathy?

CSM, or Cervical, (concerning the neck), Spondylotic, (wear and tear arthritis of the spine), Myelopathy, (injury to the spinal cord), is the most common spinal cord disease. It is a result of degenerative changes in the spine, reducing the space for the spinal cord and causing its compression.

The disease processes that lead to CSM can therefore be thought of in two phases:

  1. ‘Spondylosis’ or ‘Degeneration of the Spine’ – The wear and tear arthritis changes to the spine, that cause the injury . Learn more
  2. ‘Myelopathy’ or ‘Dysfunction of the Spinal Cord’ – The reaction and of the spinal cord to compression. Learn more
  3. The reaction of the spinal cord to compression appears to differ from one person to the next, meaning that the ‘disease course’ varies from patient to patient. Learn more