RECODE-DCM Newsletter Highlights (April 2023)

Welcome to the RECODE-DCM Network!, the only charity shining a light on Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM), welcomes you to RECODE-DCM. Our multidisciplinary think tank is catalysing patient-directed research into the world’s number one cause of spinal cord injury in adults.

Making Myelopathy Matter at BritSpine 2023

The research team from will be attending BritSpine 2023, to share the messages of RECODE-DCM to a multinational, multidisciplinary audience of spine care professionals.

In his keynote speech, co-founder Dr Mark Kotter will highlight DCM as a critical healthcare priority. The charity’s co-founder Iwan Sadler will recount his personal journey, explaining how his life has been so profoundly affected by DCM. Our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Helen Wood, along with co-founder Dr Benjamin Davies, will present lectures and speeches describing the urgent mission of RECODE-DCM and 

We aim to inspire the next generation of DCM researchers, and we’ll be signing up new collaborators at our booth. If you’re attending, please do stop by! 

The RECODE-DCM Incubators: Progress Report

Our incubators’ goal is resolving research priorities. These international multidisciplinary teams meet regularly via Zoom to conduct research and share expertise. We sincerely thank all of our incubator members for their voluntary participation and heartfelt commitment.

The Diagnostic Criteria Incubator is working to formulate reliable diagnostic criteria, to enable  doctors to make a timely diagnosis. The team has considered multiple candidate symptoms and signs, and, through an upcoming expert consensus process, these will be distilled down to form the first ever set of diagnostic criteria for the condition.

The Natural History Incubator is working to understand how DCM begins and develops. The group is examining current management of asymptomatic spinal cord compression, which can go on to develop into DCM, and will create guidelines on how these patients should be followed.  

The Perioperative Rehabilitation Incubator is examining non-operative aspects of DCM management and developing an enhanced recovery pathway for patients prior to, during, and after surgery. The growing team is bringing in fresh perspectives from diverse disciplines, to identify the required domains of care and create best-practice frameworks.

For a deeper dive into the incubators, tune in to the March, April and May episodes of our podcast, Myelopathy Matters

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Thank You for Your Interest in Our Network’s Scientific and Clinical Initiatives

RECODE-DCM by provides a unique multidisciplinary ecosystem for the global myelopathy community. We unify lived experience and professional experience, for research with relevance.

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Dr Benjamin Davies and the RECODE-DCM Team