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Myelopathy- definition

Myelopathy "myo-lop-a-thee"

Myel [‘spinal cord’] opathy [‘problem’] is a disease of the spinal cord.   This can be distingiushed from a radiculopathy or neuropathy based on the symptoms and findings during a doctors examination.

What is the relevance to CSM

Myelopathy is therefore a descriptive term and many different disease processes can cause it.

In CSM, compression of the spinal cord causes the myelopathy. This can be by any surrounding structure, e.g. a prolpased intervertebral disc, or ligament or bony spur.

Symptoms of Myelopathy

The pronunciation is not quite right, but this provides a simple summary of the symptoms and highlights how the level of myelopathy will dictate where symptoms occur

Difference between Myelopathy and Radiculopathy

Myelopathy and Radiculopathy are medial terms which relate to disease of specific parts of the nervous system. They have different patterns, symptoms and signs of disease.