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Ask the Health Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we put your Myelopathy questions to our Health Professionals. To get involved and have the opportunity to ask your question then just join our friendly Facebook Myelopathy support groupĀ  – A group for patients by patients

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Your Myelopathy Questions, Answered

Why isn't there more information?

Myelopathy was first diagnosed a 100yrs ago! So why isn’t there more information available for Myelopathy for example a leaflet or a book that can be made available for us to understand our condition a lot more? Not even GP’s have training or factual information.

Question: Chrissie Matthews from the UK

Answer : Dr Mark Kotter University of Cambridge

Why Do My Symptoms Come and Go?

Why do I feel Myelopathy is manageable but out of the blue start getting numbness and tingling sensations again or other issues then it settles only to have another symptom after a while ?

Question: Jillian Polasik from the UK

Answer : Dr Benjamin Davies University of Cambridge

Can Neuropathic Leg Pain Be a Symptom?

Can Cervical Myelopathy CSM/DCM present with neuropathic pain in leg or legs as one of the symptoms? Why would this happen?

Question: Melanie Johnson from Canada

Answer : Dr Benjamin Davies University of Cambridge