Patient and Public Involvement

PPI clearly has other connotations! But for the purposes of research, it stands for Patient and Public Involvement. Their involvement in the design and delivery of research has been shown to increase its impact and relevance. Consequently most funding bodies now mandate their involvement. is dedicated to supporting research into Myelopathy. Our community is full of expert patients, professionals and their supporters. If you need some feedback or input on your research question or design, we are here to help. Simply complete the form below:

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Involve ​is a UK, national advisory group our role is to bring together expertise, insight and experience in the field of public involvement in research, with the aim of advancing it as an essential part of the process by which research is identified, prioritised, designed, conducted and disseminated

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Toolkit

It’s a work in progress, but researchers from the University of Liverpool, are leading on a project to pool resources and material to help PPI in clinical trials.